ALDORA STEEL DOOR, which leaded the steel door sector in 2009 with 100% Turkish capital at 22.000 m2 open area and at 15.000 m2 indoor area, has become a company that has reached all the points of the Middle East in the fastest and shortest time and has become a company that has made its name very frequently heard in the steel door market by being opened to the world.


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By integrating the developing technology into the quality of our products, our contribution to the national economy has been growing steadily with different product types and after-sales service we provide…


You will feel the quality and safety of Aldora Door through the interior doors, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, in addition to the steel doors. At Aldora, you always find more than a door.…


There are different locks of different brands on the market. These locks are usually designated by the number of lock shafts by the manufacturers of steel doors (such as 14 points, 21 points). In fact, the important point here to be taken into consideration is that not from how many points the steel door locks, but from how many parts. The locking of the steel door at three points as at the lock side at the upper, middle and lower side, and as fourth point at the top will provide adequate security. Apart from how far the shafts are locked at the same area, to what extent the shafts are durably produced is more important.


Although there are different methods in steel door manufacturing, steel sheets between 0.8 mm and 2.0 mm are preferred in steel door manufacturing. Body sheets are usually made of 1.0 or 1.2 mm sheet metal. The thickness of the sheet used in the steel door frame is usually 1.5 or 2.0 mm. The reason why the use of thicker sheet metal is not preferred is because both the manufacturing difficulties encountered and for not having problems in their operation due to the fact that steel doors are heavier. The fundamental issue to be considered in the selection of steel doors is the thickness of steel sheets supporting the main body sheet of the steel door and the mode of production.


The barrel's, used in steel door, not being broken, and even if it is broken, its not getting out of its place is among the security measures applied for steel door barrels. The barrel armor placed in front of the steel door barrel must be manufactured in a type that is not broken and difficult to puncture. Similarly, in line with the safety systems applied all over the steel door, the fact that precautions are to be taken to open the key with patented lockpick and the type of the copy method should be taken into consideration with certain procedures.

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